New Car Warranty

We hear it time and time again “I have a new car and I have to go back to the dealer while it is under warranty”

It’s simply not true. Rand can handle all you’re vehicles needs and you stay on your vehicle warranty.

Here are some facts to help you make a decision on who should be managing it:

  • When you purchase a new vehicle the warranty charge is included in the amount you pay.
  • The vehicle manufacturer does not want to pay for any more warranty work than absolutely necessary.
  • The Dealership’s ranking from the manufacturer is directly related to how few warranty repairs they perform.
  • Dealership service advisors and managers are instructed by the manufacturer to limit warranty claims.
  • A dealership technician is frowned upon for identifying any warranty related repairs while your vehicle is in for service.
  • It is no surprise so many warranty problems with vehicles don’t get noted until after the vehicle comes out of warranty.
  • Independent maintenance shops quite often don’t get to service these vehicles until after the warranty period runs out. It is not until then do these problems become advised upon. (Who is the bad guy here?)
  • The Dealership is not negatively affected when warranty repairs are identified by the independent facility.
  • When you buy your vehicle the sales person will never tell you that an independent facility can look after your warranty approved maintenance services.

Please don’t blame the dealership Manager, Service Advisor or Technician because it is not their fault.

At Rand Automotive our mission is to reduce your stress and save you money while your vehicle is still under the manufacturer warranty.calendar

Here is how it works:

  • Bring your vehicle to Rand Automotive and we will perform your scheduled maintenance services while it is still under the manufacturer warranty.
  • We will fill out your maintenance book.
  • Schedule your next maintenance service so you dont have to worry about remembering it.
  • Every visit we will research for any outstanding recalls or technical services bulletins that pertain to your vehicle.
  • If your vehicle does require any services that are covered by the manufacture we will set an appointment tailored to your schedule, we deliver and pick it up from the dealership when the repairs are completed.
  • Rand Automotive will then return your vehicle to our shop, wash and vacuum it in preparation for your arrival.

Who do you think should manage your new vehicle warranty?

Call us today and lets get you started on your stress free maintenance schedule.

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