Gary Redgate

Gary Redgate
October 7, 2016

Recently, I took my Camry to Rand Automotive (where I have had my vehicles serviced since 1985) for routine maintenance. At that time, I mentioned that the car seemed a little “sluggish” while going over the Malahat, and I also suspected that the car was now using more gas than it once did. I was told that the process called Motorvac had proved very effective in restoring both power and increasing mileage. Since, for the past 26 years I have respected, even come to rely on, the suggestions and expertise of everyone in their facility, I chose to give the product a try.

Once again, Gerry and his team came through. I just returned from my regular visit to Parksville, and the car couldn’t have performed better. Not only was it not slowing down on some of the less-taxing grades (she is, after all, 24 years old and has only four cylinders) but was actually increasing speed. I was lucky not to encounter the RCMP!

But, even better, I checked the gas consumption between Ladysmith, Parksville, and then back to Victoria (227 Km) and it was a mere 15.337 liters. Translated into pre-metric figures, this works out to 41.9 m.p.g. That figure would, I’m sure, have been higher if I had been able to keep the old girl below 110 K!

It has become common, given present day circumstances, for people to doubt the integrity of companies in the service industries. Let me assure you that Rand Automotive is not one of those places. Whatever procedures the staff recommends, you can rely on. I do.