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Our Long History In Victoria

It was 1984 when Denny Rand turned his part time secondary source of income into what Victorians know today as Rand Automotive. Denny’s passion for cars found him in the trade and in 1966 at the age of 22 he had already completed his four year apprenticeship training and received his inter-provincial “Red Seal” as an automotive mechanic. Auto racing was one of Denny’s passions and he successfully campaigned with some of the most talented and famous of Victorian racers throughout the west coast for more than 35 years.

After more than a decade of working in the automotive industry Denny decided to lend his talents to the construction trade. He managed and maintained equipment at a local construction company and later aspired to operating overhead cranes on skyscrapers. It was early in the 80s when the construction trade was floundering that Denny converted his race car garage into a repair shop as a way to feed his family. At first he was just helping friends out with performance and mileage enhancements on their trucks and motor-homes, but soon the demand for his services became overwhelming. The services Denny offered was exactly what Victorians needed at the time, an honest hard working family man who was an expert in his field and offered value to friends of friends.

In 1984 Denny incorporated Rand Automotive and hired his first two employees. Denny’s long time racing buddy Rick Martin (Rickles) and his fresh out of high school son Gerry. It was within 3 years and two more employees that Rand Automotive outgrew its humble 4 bay beginnings in the backyard. In 1988 an empty lot on Beta Street near the Mayfair Mall came up for sale and soon there after an eight car and four bay shop was built on the premises. It was over the next 6 years that the building was expanded twice to facilitate the group of 15 employees.

In the fall of 1995 Denny sold the business to his son Gerry and the second generation at Rand Automotive took the helm. Through the years of constant change in the automotive industry Rand Automotive has continued to evolve. The rate of technology advancements and changes in the vehicles we worked on in the early eighties to today has been staggering, but the team at Rand Automotive has always been up for the challenge.

Denny passed away in 1999 but his legacy and his spirit still lives within our mission to deliver valued automotive service to friends of friends for years to come. We believe this still to be what Victorians need.

Our Facilities & Equipment

Our crew today works out of two Victoria facilities totaling 7000 square feet and containing 12 vehicle hoists with the ability to comfortably work on more than 15 vehicles inside the building at one time. In our facilities we can work on many different types of vehicles with varying range of sizes from motor homes to smart cars and everything in between. At Rand Automotive we consistently keep pace with technology by sourcing and maintaining state of the art equipment and providing are mechanics industry leading training.

mini cooper with rand automotive vinyl being hoisted

We pride ourselves in providing our clients service and repair needs consistently from within our own walls. Our services include, wheel alignments, tire mounting and high speed balancing, suspension and exhaust. Of course we have the basic fluid transfer and flush machines allowing us to maintain your vehicle while preventing premature component wear. We also maintain state of the art air conditioning service equipment to complete maintenance and repair service on your heating and cooling systems.

Rand Automotive building

Where we differ from most automotive repair shops is in our desire to do the job right. It is not enough to hire the best technicians especially during times when technologies are changing with every new model that roles off the showroom floor. At Rand Automotive have always believed that putting the best diagnostic equipment in the techs hands and arming them with information will allow us to diagnose and fix our clients vehicles correctly the first time. When ever possible we source and maintain the same diagnostics tools, the same software, the same training and the same information systems as the dealership. It is this strategy that allows us to give superior service than our competition whether it be the dealership, the lube shop or other quality service providers.

Inside of Rand Automotive body shop

Our Happy Customers

"Having been a customer of Rand Automotive since 2006, they have serviced our Honda Civic 2004. Rand has always provided excellent service keeping our Honda running like new. Now that we purchased a newer Honda Civic 2010 Si Rand will continue to service our Honda."

Mike Doiron
Mike Dorian - Happy Rand Automotive Customer

"It has become common, given present day circumstances, for people to doubt the integrity of companies in the service industries. Let me assure you that Rand Automotive is not one of those places. Whatever procedures the staff recommends, you can rely on. I do."

Gary Redgate
Gary Redgate - Happy Rand Automotive Customer

"We would like to express our sincere appreciation for all the for all the great service offered at Rand Automotive. Everyone that we dealt with obviously goes that extra mile to provide assistance and fantastic service. The staff members are a wealth of information and we are always willing to share it. We know we can trust the mechanics to do a good job, and we are always willing to share it."

Dennis Clarke & Jo-Ann Lawson
Dennis Clarke - Happy Rand Automotive Customer

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