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Electric Vehicle Experts

The Rand Automotive team is excited to perform your EV, and Hybrid vehicles maintenance and repairs. Just like any other vehicles in Victoria or Westshore your EV will need regular maintenance to ensure they are running as efficiently as possible to maximize your range and the overall safety of your vehicle. Your electric vehicle will require regular maintenance/inspections of the Brakes, Suspension, tires, Fluids, Climate control, electrical devices, etc. 

We are happy and excited to help with your EV purchase decision to ensure you drive away with the best suited vehicle for your money by performing our Electric vehicle pre purchase inspection. Electric vehicles are fun to drive with an abundance of torque, great handling and technology while helping protect the planet for years to come with zero tailpipe emissions. Let us help you get the most out of your EV.

We Offer the Following Electric Vehicle Repairs

  • EV Battery Testing
  • EV Battery Pack Inspection
  • EV Battery Pack Repair
  • EV Battery Pack Replacement
  • Charging System Repair
  • Auxiliary Battery Replacements
  • Auxiliary Battery Repair
  • Diagnosis of warning lights and battery problems
  • Cooling fan and radiator replacement
  • Inverter coolant service
  • Water pump replacement
  • Hybrid transaxle service
  • Air conditioning & heating
  • Brake repair
  • Suspension
  • Motor repair

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