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Environmental Practices

When we do have a spill we have a specific procedures that all Rand Automotive staff are trained deal with the situation at hand.

Having this response plan in place greatly reduces potential contaminants from entering our water ways and also prevents hydrocarbon emissions off gas.

Absorbent contaminants are hauled off site for proper disposal – Hetherington Industries Ltd.

We operate a Dry Shop. But what is a Dry Shop?
A dry shop means there is no material being let into the drain, and every drop is disposed of properly. Having a dry shop reduces the environmental impact on our waterways. If automotive repair wastes go down the drain into the sewer system, they can cause structural damage to the region’s sewer system. Some are highly toxic, even in low concentrations, and can cause harm to our environment. At Rand Automotive we constantly monitor for any fluid discharge and react to any spills that may occur. When or if they do occur we have a protocol that the Rand Automotive team will carry out as covered in the CRD guidelines 4.0.

Recycling Practices We Stand By

  • Cardboard Products – Alpine Recycling.
  • Paper Products- Alpine Recycling.
  • Glass – Alpine Recycling.
  • Hard Plastic Materials – Alpine Recycling.
  • Soft Plastic Material – reFUSE Resource Recovery.
  • Scrap Metals – Malahat Metal Recycling.
  • Used Tires & Rubber Products Tire Stewardship BC
  • Used Oil Containers – Hetherington Industries Ltd.
  • We choose to purchase in bulk quantities and utilize container exchange programs.
  • Anti-freeze recycling program.
  • Oil recycling program – Hetherington Industries Ltd.
  • Oil filter recycling – Hetherington Industries Ltd.
  • Fluid monitoring and control is documented as per govt guidelines.
  • AC recycling practices to reduce harmful ozone depleting substances.
  • Styrofoam recycling – reFUSE Resource Recovery.
  • Our goal is to reduce the amount of waste that is adding to our landfill.

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