Employment Opportunities

There are many great things about working at Rand Automotive but the one thing that makes this place great is the people. Whether you already work in the automotive industry or you are interested in getting your hands in it there may be opportunity for you here at Rand Automotive.

What are we looking for in a Rand Employee?

  • Wants to work in a low stress environment.
  • Needs to be part of team of people that help you to be right not wrong.
  • Wants to receive above industry standard financial compensation.
  • Needs to feel good about being appreciated for a job well done.
  • Wants an extended medical and dental plan as well RRSP matching.
  • Needs job security knowing the company makes and achieves its long term plans.
  • Wants to work for a forward thinking company that sets the trends that the industry follows.
  • Needs an employer that believes in investing in its people.
  • Wants to work for a company that respects your personal time.
  • Needs to have state of the art equipment and training to help you be the best you can be.
  • Wants to be a respected professional in your field.
  • Needs to work for a company that puts you and your family before profit.
If that someone sounds like you please take the time to send your resume to

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