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The BMW car brand is that of one steeped in a long tradition. A tradition that has evolved with the world around it and is constantly pushing the envelope of modern vehicle design and performance technologies. For over 100 years, their reach has been vast and has included not only the automotive, but also the motorcycle and aviation industries. The BMW that you are driving today is the culmination of that experience. At Rand Automotive, we have the experience, technology, and expertise that allows us to effectively and efficiently perform the diagnostics and repairs needed to maintain your BMW.

As your Mercedes Benz Auto Repair service provider, we take pride in maintaining your vehicle, and extend the same integrity to you as our customer. We are dedicated to giving you a pleasurable experience by providing you with the best of everything we have to offer. Service with honor, respect, and a professional approach is what our goals are built on. We have the best of everything to exceed your vehicle service needs. Specializing in Mercedes Benz auto service and repair, with original equipment parts, you can be confident that your Mercedes is capable of performing at its best, and at the top of its class. We are proud to provide the services you need at a cost that usually much less than dealerships.

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We have the Euro Vehicle experience and knowledge, the cutting edge tools and expertise necessary to properly diagnose and repair your one of a kind Volkswagens and Audi vehicles. That, coupled together with OEM quality (or better) replacement components, you can feel confident knowing that your Volkswagen or Audi is in the right hands.

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