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Pre-Purchase Inspection

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It can also leave you regretting buying that car that was only a year year old “What could be wrong?”. Let the expert technicians at Rand make sure you know everything that will need addressing with the vehicle before you decide to make the purchase. The inspection takes about an hour and a half and looks over all the key aspects of the vehicle. Peace of mind from the Rand Team.

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Brake Inspection

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Some common symptoms would be grinding and squealing noises, or steering wheel and brake pedal shaking when you apply the brakes. The solution is a brake inspection. Make sure all your brake components are acting as they should.

Our ticketed technicians inspect your:

  • Rotors – minimum thickness, run out, rust ridges and visual issues
  • Pads – thickness, wear and condition
  • Calipers & Cylinders – check if seized, age, leaks, pins
  • Brake fluid – moisture and condition
  • Master Cylinder – leaks, and operation
  • Brake Lines – condition, leaks, rust
  • Axle seals – leaks
  • Backing Plates – condition
  • Brake Cables – condition and operation

Commercial Vehicle Inspection

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If you’re new to BC and need an Out Of Province Inspection or require an Vehicle Inspection for other reasons we can help. We have to facility and the professional technicians to get you on your way.

If you need more information on G.V.I.’s Visit: CVSE Vehicle Inspections and Standards

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