Facilities and Equipment

Our crew today works out of two facilities totaling 7000 square feet and containing 12 vehicle hoists with the ability to comfortably work on more than 15 vehicles inside the building at one time.  In our facilities we can work on many different types of vehicles with varying range of sizes from motor homes to smart cars and everything in between. At Rand Automotive we consistently keep pace with technology by sourcing and maintaining state of the art equipment.

We pride ourselves in providing our clients service and repair needs consistently from within our own walls. Our services include, wheel alignments, tire mounting and high speed balancing, suspension and exhaust. Of course we have the basic fluid transfer and flush machines allowing us to maintain your vehicle while preventing premature component wear. We also maintain state of the art air conditioning service equipment to complete maintenance and repair service on your heating and cooling systems. Where we differ from most automotive repair shops is in our desire to do the job right. It is not enough to hire the best technicians especially during times when technologies are changing with every new model that roles off the showroom floor. At Rand Automotive have always believed that putting the best diagnostic equipment in the techs hands and arming them with information will allow us to diagnose and fix our clients vehicles correctly the first time. When ever possible we source and maintain the same diagnostics tools, the same software, the same training and the same information systems as the dealership. It is this strategy that allows us to give superior service than our competition whether it be the dealership, the lube shop or other quality service providers.