Fleet Service

Our Experience

Back in 1988 we received an opportunity to work for a large well-established company and in that taught us the true value of preventative maintenance. The philosophy of this company was that by being proactive and diligent with a regimented maintenance program their fleet of vehicles would not only last longer, be more reliable but that ironically it cost them less money to operate.
Over the past 20 years it is through these great and other not so great experiences that we have developed a fresh new philosophy for vehicle fleet maintenance. So here it is:”Find out what the customer wants and needs then figure out a way to give it to them!” …… pretty earth shaking huh? Well not really but we know that no two companies are the same therefore there is no cookie cutter maintenance program that will fit all.

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Fleet Maintenance Programs

At Rand Automotive we assist our customers in saving time, money and in maintaining a safe reliable fleet. The really cool thing is that being an efficient reliable service provider we can also run a successful operation and continue to provide services to our customers for years to come. “It’s a Win Win relationship”

Let Rand Automotive help you:

  • Spend less money on repairs.
  • Budget your vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Maintain a safe and reliable fleet.
  • Schedule services tailored to your busy schedule.
  • Manage and monitor your manufacturer warranty.
  • Maintain optimum value upon lease return.
  • Decrease vehicle and employee down time.
  • Provide you with an extended and transferable LIFETIME warranty program.

We know that our clients three biggest concerns are; Time, Money and Safety. The maintenance programs that we promote are based around all of these and through efficient communication and scheduling we have found the biggest bonus can be the complete removal of unnecessary stress.

Fleet Management Companies

There are many circumstances that dictate what our customers require for the management of their fleet of equipment.

  • Vehicle locations……. whether across the city, Island, Province or Country.
  • Employee knowledge and time ……. some companies have employees capable with the time to do so and some don’t.
  • Size of the fleet ….. we see that large fleets can employ people in-house to look after this and in smaller fleets the owner or manger can assume this role. However we note the mid size fleets tend to need help in these areas.
  • The ongoing changes in the technology of maintenance requirements.
  • Some companies simply have chosen to focus on what makes them money and trust a third party expert to manage their vehicles.

Many companies today use a third party to manage their fleet of vehicles as a sort of “watch dog” if you will. These companies are paid to look after your best interest by making sure that services you are being performed on your vehicles are fair value and required. Many of theses fleet management companies offer a great service and relieve a tremendous amount of stress surrounding the unknown of automotive maintenance and repairs for fleet operators and owners.

Our staff at Rand Automotive has had years of experience in working with most if not all of these companies and welcome the opportunity to work together with them to keep your fleet safe and on the road.

If you are looking for a reference on which offer the best for you and your needs feel free to contact us at gerry@randautomotive.com   or call 250-381-5455 

Lifetime Warranty Program for Fleet Vehicles.

A study by JD Power and Associates confirms that by performing regularly scheduled maintenance vehicle repair costs are reduced by 42-46% over the life of a vehicle.

Can you imagine returning your lease vehicle and knowing that it was an extremely reliable vehicle, cost you minimum for repairs and you receive the top dollar upon return? Or could you imagine buying out that lease and knowing that you have a “real” lifetime warranty worth over $10,000.

Q: How can that be and how much does it cost?
A: Just complete your vehicle’s manufacturers suggested maintenance services at Rand Automotive and there is no extra cost.

Q: My vehicle has a warranty still with the manufacturer does this replace that?
A: No Rand Automotive will still help you maintain that warranty and will provide you with “Lifetime warranties” long after those have expired.

Q: I do have lease vehicles why would I not just go to the dealer so they know the services have been done when i turn it back in?
A: First of all the dealer will do the same services as us but they will not offer the same warranty and second your service can be done anywhere as long as you keep records and we do that for you.

Getting Started

Its pretty simple just download the questionnaire to help us understand what you need, fill it out and lets set up a time to meet.
We are aware you have options and appreciate the opportunity to work together.

Contact us to find out which of your vehicles qualify at: gerry@randautomotive.com or 250-381-5455