Choose Your Program

OEM or Original equipment manufacturer (Ford Mercedes, Chevrolet, Chrysler Nissan Etc.)

  • This program is usually found in the manufactures maintenance book in the glove box which we consider the first draft. Typically this is amended by the dealership’s service department to decrease interval kilometers and include items left out. (1)
  • The OEM program in many cases is one of the least expensive short term plans. Many large fleets with high image requirements utilize this plan to keep their vehicles inside the warranty parameters but limit the kilometers they retain the vehicles in their fleet. (1)
  •  Modified versions of the OE plan are often used by companies looking to extend the life of their vehicles. These modifications utilize more frequent vital fluid flushes (transmission, coolant, differential, etc.) The purpose of this is simply to extend the usable life expectancy of these units. A very common reason for this program would be the cost of vehicle up-fitting. (Shelving roof racks, signage,  on-board computer systems, specialty equipment, etc.)  (2)
  • OEM warranty management is possibly the most important function a professional fleet service company will perform on your fleet. In short the manufactures don’t want to pay for warranty work but neither do you. A good fleet service company will constantly act as your “watchdog” to make sure all warrantable repairs are covered by the manufacturer and not your company. (3)



All manufactures have a minimum service interval for specific systems in your vehicle. When the vehicle comes off the assembly line these intervals will be set by the manufacture. Unfortunately the service intervals are not set by the engineers that designed the vehicle they are set by the marketing and sales departments.  If they were set by the engineers these vehicles would last twice as long and your total investment would be way less.

Here is a summary of the key points:

  1. The minimum OE service plan is best to follow when early retirement is expected. (100-120K)
  2. A modified OE program is more suited to the engineers plan for your vehicle. Cost per kilometer will drop substantially (studies show a savings between  44-46% over the life of the vehicle)
  3. The manufactures warranty is best managed by a professional third party.


Custom Fleet Program

What do you want and what do you need for your fleet?

Our #1 mission at Rand Automotive is to take away your automotive related stress; typically related to Time, Money and Safety.

Our industry experience and our consistent efforts monitoring changes in automotive trends give us the tools to help you reduce these stresses. Each business we deal with us has different needs and requirement. Here at Rand we have the freedom to help our customers by custom suiting programs to their needs.

The first step in designing a custom fitted program is to identify your stresses .

  • Go ahead and download a copy of the Fleet Questionnaire
  • Fill out the form or just consider the questions for further discussion.
  • Contact us so we can see if we can help you.


Your Current Program

Allow us to know how your existing program works and we will quickly adapt to meet and exceed your requirements.

Currently we work with many companies whom have their own program which we work within.

Here are some examples of key things we bring to these customers:

  1. We have a great working relationships with most if not all vehicle management companies (PHH, ARI, JPL, Element, ETC)
  2. The ratio of profession office staff to technician is above industry standard which enhances customer service.
  3. Saturday service allowing these customers no vehicle down time.
  4. Vehicle logistics are in most cases part of the service we offer.
  5. Vehicle wash and vacuum is also a standard service.
  6. A Fleet liaison that is the person who knows the fleet and the people.

How can we help you?

Email if you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting to discuss.