Mini Coopers

If you have ever had the opportunity to zip through down town streets or cruise the highway in a Mini you will know how much fun they are to drive. Whether you are driving a top of the line Cooper JCW or a base model with an automatic transmission it doesn’t take long to understand the attraction to these cars.

Like every vehicle manufactured today these cool little rides have some common mechanical issues that need attention. Typically customer concerns our technicians hear are:
dash warning lights coming on like the low oil level, check engine and engine temperature lights. Some customers complain of engine rattle noises on cold startup and clutch shudder and vibration. Many clients have had low coolant levels related concerns we see often. Others advise us of low oil levels to which we find related to leaks and consumption. Lack of power and other drivability problems also are problems which we experience often.

The good news is that we can diagnose and fix all these problems and given our knowledge, training and experience with these vehicles we are good at it.